Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep it Real

"Fashion to Ashes" came to me pretty quickly. Once I found the chords, the words kind of wrote themselves. My wife had some fashion mags lying around our apt. in West Nyack, NY. While thumbing through a few it dawned on me that these mags were presenting nothing but a false reality. In my mind, all of these unblemished models with their perfect figures and their air brushed complexions seemed to be making women feel terrible about their real, unglamorous selves. On a personal level it was just a simple love song to my wife to let her know that I thought she was way more beautiful than those mucked up phonies. But it was also aimed at the countless women who let this stuff make them feel inferior and ugly. In the song the words "ugly people" are intended as a metaphor for real people......

You should see the lovely things that I see through these eyes
And hear the angel voices swimming in my ears when only you are talking to me
You won't break through your fears by hiding under stones
you carry in your bag of hopeless hesitation
Open up your eyes, you are so inviting
Take a look inside, see the grace you're hiding
It always seems to me there's no ugly people in those magazines
It's obscene, let's throw them on the fire
Watch them burn and we'll turn
The fashion into ashes
Open up your eyes, you are so inviting
Take a look inside, see the grace you're hiding
You are a blessing and a mirage

Here is my reel to reel demo of 'Fashion To Ashes".......

If you know the song you can hear the chorus vocals are not recorded but I have all of the melodies worked out. John Smith helped me with a couple of lines: "see the grace you're hiding" and "You are a blessing and a mirage".... He always had a knack of summing up the sentiment in an interesting way. I may record this again as I like Unspun's version but don't think it does the song justice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Finisher

I love this time of year. Year after year the fall season always conjures up the same feelings of longing, yearning, excitement, nostalgia.... I guess it comes from when I was a kid and the new school year was beginning, bringing the excitement of new faces and experiences. The weather is changing here in the northeast and it's beautiful during the months of September and October, a welcome antidote to the sweaty, sticky summer. As a friend recently said, fall also feels kind of ominous with winter and all of it's hardships right around the corner. With this in mind, have a listen to the album closer "September" in it's current state. Good friend and colleague Chris Thomas and I worked on creating an "oceanic" vibe using a full orchestra to contrast the lonely vocal and guitar. Chris' amazing orchestrating and compositional skills have taken this simple song to new heights. We were striving for a Sixties, Abbey Road studio one/Moody Blues feeling and I think we hit the mark. I still need to record bass guitar and drums and then the record is finito.(phew!) Dave and I are planning on laying down his drums soon. Here's "September".....