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Right Your History Progress

The record has been doing really well, exceeding our low expectations. We are averageing about 350 spins each day all over the world on Spotify. This is the result of being picked up on an editorial playlist which has a following of about 475k! Our numbers at Apple Music are less impressive but still pretty good despite ZERO promotion. Apple Music is like an impenetrable fortress with no artist outreach available unless you are a signed act, which I am not. I am in contact with the head of my former label, Republic Records, discussing possible avenues to get the record more exposure through them. The likelihood of signing a deal with a major like Republic is pretty slim but having been signed with them before opens up other ways to get the music out there. I am very appreciative of anything Republic can do for me. I am also in contact with the music director of a pretty big station in the NYC metro area about being featured on a "new music" program in the spring. I will surel

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