Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Have been extremely busy outside of music (making $) and haven't been working on the tracks a whole lot...... hence the posts regarding past endeavors. I am meeting with Pete Jameson tomorrow about some bass parts and I have been conversing with Steven "Muddy" Roues about some contributions to the record. He is a fantastic harp and bass player and hopefully he will be doing both some time soon. Muddy is a member of Finn and the Sharks as well as The Roues Brothers.... I put up a mixpod player with some of my favorite tunes from the Unspun days as well as some other "limbo" tracks that have no home yet and a few from my favorite artists as of late. Have a listen. I will post something new soon. BTW I'm also working on some tracks for my friend Christopher James Thomas who is doing a pop record. Chris is a composer who has some serious chops and credits. You can see some stuff here or one of his film credits here.