Friday, April 6, 2012


I just picked up the 8 page lyric booklet for the CD from Harrington Press in Nyack. Nothing too fancy but I wanted to include the lyrics because my pronunciation isn't always clear when I sing. Also, I think the words are worth knowing. I'm just waiting to hear from A to Z Media that the covers and CD's are done and then "Tape and Glue" will officially be out. What that means I don't know... I'm a little worried about CD's being obsolete in the age of the digital download. The way I look at it I've put an enormous amount of work into these songs and I want to have something to hold in my hands when I'm done. Otherwise it just seems like this delete-able, nothing that is as disposable as everything else in our current world. I miss the 'grandeur' of LP's. I'll never forget when my mother bought me Queen's "Jazz" record. They had that song "Bicycle Race" on it which I hated.... What my mom didn't know was that the record included a poster of about 40 naked women on bikes! You can only imagine what that did to the libido of a junior high school boy at the time! That was half the fun of music... Listening and staring at the cover or reading the information. I know LP's are making sort of a comeback as of late but the reality is that 99.99% of people don't have the means to listen to them. So now the question is how do I get these cd's into the hands of people who want them. I'm gonna advertise a little but where do I send people to pick up the record? The Internet is the easiest place but "Tape and Glue" won't be online or a few weeks. I really want people to get the nice package we put together. I'll just have to work it out.... If anyone out there is reading this and wants one, send a check for $12 (to cash) and your address to PO Box 351..Valley Cottage, NY 10989 and I'll send a CD out to you.