Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa. For Christmas I would like a proper studio space for my house. As you can see from the video, setting up a session, even a simple vocal session like this one involves A LOT of prep and clean up time. And because of my noisy old buzzing house, I need to turn off the furnace (brrr), refrigerator and water cooler, put the clocks in a closet and wait for barking dogs, passing trains and Fed Ex trucks so they don't become part of my recording.......And I thought I lived in the sticks! If possible, could you throw in an engineer to help out my old ears and to run the computer so I don't have to race up and down the stairs in between takes. At least I'm getting my exercise, right? While we're on the subject, my computer is over 10 years old. I could really use a new one of these! It would go really well with this and this. I think protools 9 would make an excellent stocking stuffer as well! I promise I'll be a good boy and continue to make music on all of my ratty equipment until you make my XMAS dreams come true. I Love You! RD

Actually, I'm recording through some pretty good stuff like my Focusrite's and the Soundelux and Neumann mics. I'm utilizing the high ceilings of my foyer to try and get a some natural reverb sound. In the top photo you can see the Neumann facing the ceiling, capturing some of the "echo" the room is throwing. The whole idea is to try and make my backing vocals sound like a choir. So far I like what I have. For this track I also set up in my downstairs family room for the 1st verse and the bathroom for the 2nd verse. Whatever it takes!!