Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hi. It's been a while since I posted anything about Tape and Glue as I've been writing some new songs and moving on, but I wanted to share a "leftover" track from the sessions... I had "Listen" around for a while and recorded demos of the song in various styles, trying to find the song. Once Dave came in to lay down this groove (which was in my mind, modeled after Peter Gabriel's Digging in the Dirt) the song came together. I had the horn line in my head forever and kind of scatted it to Erik Lawrence and Steven Bernstein who laid it down easily and with some great feel, with Erik doing a few solos between the lines. I sent Rob Strait the roughs of the tune and he sent me back about 8 guitar tracks with many different textures.... we ended up using just about all of them. That's Rob doing the swells, the bells and harmonics, the pulsing guitar in the second verse (which he did by manually playing the note and using the volume knob on the guitar as a volume pedal into an echo... no easy feat!!) When I heard the pulse guitar for the first time it made my day. I originally wanted a lot of voices for the background vocals at the end but I was never able to coordinate things to make it happen so I just layered them. I did a posting on this blog with video of those sessions here... it's hard to believe that was 2 years ago.. So, Happy Christmas to anyone reading this and if you need a last minute gift you can download/gift "Tape and Glue" for free here... If you are interested in having an unmastered copy of "Listen" shoot me an email and I'll send it out. Peace RD

Friday, July 13, 2012

And On We Go

Dave and I brushed off the dust last night and did a new song rehearsal, and it felt fantastic! We went over about 7 new tunes, just hashing out arrangements and how things should feel etc. All of the new songs reside in a similar neighborhood and should get along nicely with one another. We're going to add a bass player along the way but for now I just want to get these songs further along, out of their infancy and into the toddler stage. I'm going to start cranking up my bigger amps and electric guitars, staying away from any acoustic instruments. It's been too long since I made some real noise.... I went to the CBGB's festival last week and felt the power of rock and roll first hand @ Jesse Malin's Bowery Electric while watching the Waldos and The Bullys. I felt like a teenager again while bouncing off of sweaty strangers and feeling the warmth of the music coming off the stage. Great stuff. I even had a nice little chat with Mr. Malin himself who was playing with his old band DGenerartion the next night. I missed that whole scene when it was going down as I was hanging out with the hippies and jam bands across town at Wetlands at the time.... A lot of fun at these shows!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tape and Glue on iTunes

Tape and Glue is now available on I tunes here and via the button up in the right hand corner of this page. The record is slowly and surely being heard by a bunch of folks. I will be doing an interview soon on which broadcasts on the net from Rockland County, NY. They are a station that is reviving the original free form FM style of of broadcasting from back in the day. You can hear all kinds of music on there, kind of like college used to be...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tape and Glue is here

Finally, all of the puzzle pieces have arrived. I will make the record available on May 3rd by the following methods: Via Bandcamp where I will include a CD with download for $10 OR CD only via mail order to my PO Box which is Rick Dobbelaer PO Box 351 Valley Cottage, NY 10989, also for $10. Please be sure to include return address and make a check out to cash or Rick Dobbelaer when sending to the PO Box. If you are in Rockland you can also get a copy @ Long Island drum center on Main St. in Nyack. I will update when I have more walk in locations available. Thanks so much for supporting Dave and I throughout the making of this record, it has been a long haul. I almost gave up a few times but I'm so glad I didn't. I will continue this blog with updates on "Tape and Glue" progress and any future recording projects. I'm already thinking about the next one.... I'm hoping to "get off the grid" and bring it back to 1978 with a guitar, bass and drum set up. I have a bunch of songs that are ready. I also have a bunch of decent songs that didn't make the current CD that I would like to release in EP form but let's just see how this one goes. I'm doing everything out of pocket and need to take everything slow or else my next record will be about my impending divorce!

Friday, April 6, 2012


I just picked up the 8 page lyric booklet for the CD from Harrington Press in Nyack. Nothing too fancy but I wanted to include the lyrics because my pronunciation isn't always clear when I sing. Also, I think the words are worth knowing. I'm just waiting to hear from A to Z Media that the covers and CD's are done and then "Tape and Glue" will officially be out. What that means I don't know... I'm a little worried about CD's being obsolete in the age of the digital download. The way I look at it I've put an enormous amount of work into these songs and I want to have something to hold in my hands when I'm done. Otherwise it just seems like this delete-able, nothing that is as disposable as everything else in our current world. I miss the 'grandeur' of LP's. I'll never forget when my mother bought me Queen's "Jazz" record. They had that song "Bicycle Race" on it which I hated.... What my mom didn't know was that the record included a poster of about 40 naked women on bikes! You can only imagine what that did to the libido of a junior high school boy at the time! That was half the fun of music... Listening and staring at the cover or reading the information. I know LP's are making sort of a comeback as of late but the reality is that 99.99% of people don't have the means to listen to them. So now the question is how do I get these cd's into the hands of people who want them. I'm gonna advertise a little but where do I send people to pick up the record? The Internet is the easiest place but "Tape and Glue" won't be online or a few weeks. I really want people to get the nice package we put together. I'll just have to work it out.... If anyone out there is reading this and wants one, send a check for $12 (to cash) and your address to PO Box 351..Valley Cottage, NY 10989 and I'll send a CD out to you.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On the way

Happy to say that Dave and I just got back from mastering my new record, "Tape and Glue" with chief mastering engineer Andy VanDette down at Masterdisk, NYC. Andy is a talented guy who loves to work at extremely high volume!!! And he stands up while mastering. That's a long day on your feet. For those who don't know, mastering is when you take individual songs (or mixes) and get them to sound connected sonically so that they make up a cohesive sounding record. My mixes spanned a few years and a few recording set ups so some of the tunes were flavored quite differently. Andy managed to bring them together while adding some punch and sheen to the songs. It's nice to work with a professional who cares about what he does... And Andy certainly is a pro. He's been at Masterdisk since Bob Ludwig and Howie Weinberg were working their magic on so many classics. Andy has also worked on his share of classics like Smashing Pumpkin's "Adore" and "Meloncholy and the infinite sadness" records, most of the Beastie Boys stuff, some U2 and he just remastered the ENTIRE Rush catalog. It was fun for me to walk around and look at all the platinum and gold disc awards that adorn the halls of Masterdisk. Engineers Scott Hull, Vlado Meller and Tony Dawsey probably have 100000000 in sales between them. I've been lucky enough to work with Vlado (Last Tribe) and Scott (Unspun) before... "Tape and Glue" now has to be approved by me and then we will ship it off to be duplicated somewhere. I need to listen in all kind of environments: (cars, boom boxes, tv, computer etc.) to make sure it holds up everywhere. I'm happy and relieved.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, haven't posted in a while. I was starting to sound like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", announcing the record being done and all.. it's actually done. There will be 12 tunes and it runs about 45 minutes. Too much? I don't know.. The songs work well together. There are a few surprises on there, stuff I didn't expect to include. Also, I had to do some last minute recording like Dave adding acoustic drums to "Accounting" and Muddy Roues adding some excellent harp on "Sorrow to Sound". Jeff Harrow has some great pics for the packaging and this afternoon Dave is coming over to help finalize the song order.... and then mastering is next week. Early February is a likely release date.