Saturday, March 20, 2010


rev·eil·le   [rev-uh-lee; Brit. ri-val-ee] Show IPA
a signal, as of a drum or bugle, sounded early in the morning to awaken military personnel and to alert them for assembly.
a signal to arise.

It seems that slow, acoustic waltz's are abundant these days... I wrote this when I was sick as can be and on the way out of this world. My little girl was crying in her sleep every night (as a lot of kids do) and worrying me. Early in the morning she would walk into our room chipper as can be, announcing she was ready to start her day regardless of how we felt about it. She would carry me through the day, not really caring about my melancholia... she just needed to be with me and to love me. Having that kind of energy around you during uncertain times can be an amazing motivator. Incidentally, after my heart transplant I received a letter from my donor's father. I could only imagine the pain that he was feeling and I responded to him as delicately as possible. I tried to let him know that the loss of his little girl and the gift that her family had given me had enabled me to love my little girl. I sent along a copy of this song to him with my letter......

Top of the morning, she comes and blows Reveille..
Tossed up and yawning, she always comes right to me
In her eyes there is something that only a child can posses,
It gives me a reason to get myself out of this mess, into the daylight

Caught in a moment, somewhere between space and time
Winter is growing all over this heart of mine
And she's so oblivious coming to give me a kiss
Alive and awake I am now in a moment of bliss

Everyone needs this in their life somehow, some way you need this..... Hallelujah

Chimes in the window ringing the sweet tones of life
Train whistle blowing, carrying hope through the night
And she's lying next to me crying her way through her dreams
She trembles and shakes but I know it's not as bad as it seems
And I will watch over you, I will protect what is ours
As long as you're next to me, always connecting me
All the power of daylight in my heart