Sunday, July 26, 2009

Horns, McCartney, Guitars!

So, I had the session with Erik and Steve and it went well. Erik did a great job on the charts and the horns add a lot of depth and give me a bunch more choices with the music. To sit and listen to these guys get the tone and feeling they do from their instruments was a treat for me. They did 5 songs as a section and Erik soloed on a 6th. I just have to sort through all of this stuff now.... lucky me!! (note the kiddie toys around them!)

Here is a first practice run for "I fell in Love with Regina Spektor." This take was not a keeper but it is the only vid I have.... Steve was seeing the chart for the first time and needless to say they nailed it on the very next take. I used Neumann TLM 103's on both horns through my Focusrite pre amps.

If you want to see these guys in action at the Ryman Auditorium with the likes of Sheryl Crow and John Hiatt click here. Erik gets a nice solo on this!

I went to see Paul McCartney at Citi Field last week and what a show! Great seats, great music. The man is responsible for a lot of my musical study and it was bizarre to see him so close up in person. AND he can still sing, play and put on a great show. I think I got a little misty during a few songs. The woman in front of me was BAWLING at times! Oh, and I ran into Pat DiNizio from the Smithereens no less. He was very gracious and we actually chatted for about 5 minutes. I was a big fan of theirs back in the day and saw them not too long ago and they still kill live. Good stuff! I'm having a great musical week...........

Lastly, I'll be baby sitting these 2 beauties for a while:
They belong to my friend Drew Stiles who is over in Europe trying to get his career happening over there. The guitar is pretty old G&L F100 and the bass is a 76 Fender Precision. Drew used that bass during his days with Yummy (drummer Dave Ramie was a member.) We spoke of a possible recording session this winter when he is back from Europe, we'll see.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midnight Oil

Annie and the kids are asleep upstairs and I'm down in the studio doing acoustic tracks for the song "Longing." I figured I'd better get that new Taylor worked out and on the record. It has a nice thin sheen to it, great for recording without too much boomy low end to muck things up. The Soundelux mic is a beauty and really does a great job on acoustics. Here's a vid of a take:

I'm going to see McCartney at Citi Field tomorrow and I'm sitting in the 3RD FUCKING ROW! Don't know how that happened but I'll take it. Being the Beatle freak I am, I had to see the old Limey before he croaks. He's got a great band and it will be a great show.

Monday is horn day here at the house as Erik Lawrence and Steven Bernstein are coming in to do a bunch of charts that Erik wrote for my tunes. Needless to say I am pumped. These guys are fantastic and I can't wait to bring the tunes to another level. Erik played Letterman with Levon last week (click here for Tennessee Jed performance) and they have recently been on tour with the Black Crowes. Steven is also a member of Levon's band and has numerous projects going that you can read all about here. Should be cool working with these guys! Music is filling up my life right now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quiet but not idle

Haven't put up anything in a while....... been working slowly, as usual. Today I put some guitar tracks on the song "Tape and Glue" and I'm happy with the results. I wanted to take advantage of the API 512 B's that were sitting in my studio and try some guitar through them. Those things are magical! I don't know what it is but everything sounds great through those pre's. I put my buddy's Les Paul Supreme through my crappy little amp and out came a sound worthy of a Marshall stack. Here's a shot of the Paul, a beauty!

Here's Tape and Glue as it sounds now....

This song is a little different for me as it was composed on piano. I am not a piano player at all and don't know what notes are on what keys but I can make something listen-able come out of the thing. It's nice to go down a different path sometimes when writing songs. Most of mine start on an acoustic guitar (out of convenience) and that pretty much dictates the mood of the group of songs I'm working on. So, needless to say this record will be kind of mellow. Speaking of acoustic guitars.... an old friend of mine stopped by this past weekend and dropped a bomb on me. He was working down in Texas for Taylor guitars and got a brand new 414ce acoustic/electric from "Lord Taylor" himself and decided that I should have it.... so we walked over to his trunk and there she was.............. I'm sure many new songs will come out of this guitar. I am blessed to have such amazing friends.

BTW, I had those API's and the Focusrite Red 1 on hand to record the new teen sensation "Saffire!" They are a group of 2 sets of sisters ages 11 and 14 each, who write and perform their own two and a half minute pop gems. We had a blast recording 3 songs over the last few days. They are adorable and super talented!! I'll post some photos and music when we have something happening. Bye, I'm off to play that new Taylor!