Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midnight Oil

Annie and the kids are asleep upstairs and I'm down in the studio doing acoustic tracks for the song "Longing." I figured I'd better get that new Taylor worked out and on the record. It has a nice thin sheen to it, great for recording without too much boomy low end to muck things up. The Soundelux mic is a beauty and really does a great job on acoustics. Here's a vid of a take:

I'm going to see McCartney at Citi Field tomorrow and I'm sitting in the 3RD FUCKING ROW! Don't know how that happened but I'll take it. Being the Beatle freak I am, I had to see the old Limey before he croaks. He's got a great band and it will be a great show.

Monday is horn day here at the house as Erik Lawrence and Steven Bernstein are coming in to do a bunch of charts that Erik wrote for my tunes. Needless to say I am pumped. These guys are fantastic and I can't wait to bring the tunes to another level. Erik played Letterman with Levon last week (click here for Tennessee Jed performance) and they have recently been on tour with the Black Crowes. Steven is also a member of Levon's band and has numerous projects going that you can read all about here. Should be cool working with these guys! Music is filling up my life right now.

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  1. Is it possible that you have played "longing" or perhaps used that guitar riff in another tune? It sounds very familiar.