Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quiet but not idle

Haven't put up anything in a while....... been working slowly, as usual. Today I put some guitar tracks on the song "Tape and Glue" and I'm happy with the results. I wanted to take advantage of the API 512 B's that were sitting in my studio and try some guitar through them. Those things are magical! I don't know what it is but everything sounds great through those pre's. I put my buddy's Les Paul Supreme through my crappy little amp and out came a sound worthy of a Marshall stack. Here's a shot of the Paul, a beauty!

Here's Tape and Glue as it sounds now....

This song is a little different for me as it was composed on piano. I am not a piano player at all and don't know what notes are on what keys but I can make something listen-able come out of the thing. It's nice to go down a different path sometimes when writing songs. Most of mine start on an acoustic guitar (out of convenience) and that pretty much dictates the mood of the group of songs I'm working on. So, needless to say this record will be kind of mellow. Speaking of acoustic guitars.... an old friend of mine stopped by this past weekend and dropped a bomb on me. He was working down in Texas for Taylor guitars and got a brand new 414ce acoustic/electric from "Lord Taylor" himself and decided that I should have it.... so we walked over to his trunk and there she was.............. I'm sure many new songs will come out of this guitar. I am blessed to have such amazing friends.

BTW, I had those API's and the Focusrite Red 1 on hand to record the new teen sensation "Saffire!" They are a group of 2 sets of sisters ages 11 and 14 each, who write and perform their own two and a half minute pop gems. We had a blast recording 3 songs over the last few days. They are adorable and super talented!! I'll post some photos and music when we have something happening. Bye, I'm off to play that new Taylor!

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