Monday, September 1, 2014

'We Hope You like Our New Direction"

I've been snail-like on the music front lately. I've had a few scheduled rehearsals fall through and haven't really been able to conjure up any real musical MOJO. I have a core group of songs ready for further production and I hope to start working on these this fall with my friend and Unspun drummer, John Joyce. I noodle a little here and there (when I'm able to stay awake) and sometimes come up with something interesting. This one is in it's infancy and totally digital except for a few guitar parts. I hear a lot of possible melody lines and ideas but nothing is sticking at the moment. The big chords/hits on the chorus section are actually done in real time on my iPad using an app called "Addictive Synth". There are so many great music making apps for iPad that present a totally new (and odd, to me) way of making music. Some apps that I have are "Animoog", "Vogel CMI", which emulates the Fairlight CMI,"Voice Synth", which is a sick vocoder/sampler and "IMPC", which emulates the MPC Samplers used on a lot of hip hop stuff. We'll see how this track goes from here.