Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the clouds

Headspace by rickdobbelaer

I'm checking out soundcloud.com, a new (to me) hosting site and figured I'd post some different stuff on there. This song, "Headspace" was done on a rainy night a while ago with only a 4 track, a guitar and a Digitech DSP128. The DSP 128 was my first delay/reverb rack unit and I really explored that thing extensively. Unfortunately it now sits on a shelf next to my broken Saldano pre-amp and an old Alesis compressor I don't use. Sadly, when I recorded this I wasn't too worried about hiss and distortion so there is plenty of it on the recording! It was done all live except for one edit that I did just now to clean up some really bad distortion. I'm going to post a few others and I would like to do more stuff like this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Civil War

So, I saw Roger Waters doing "The Wall" this week and was blown away and inspired. That record (and movie AND band!) left it's mark on me as a young musician coming up. Thankfully, I was reminded this week that it's important to pay attention to the world around you and look at everything through unclouded eyes. When you are caught up in the race to stay alive, raise your kids, have a decent place to live etc., it's easy to become lazy, jaded and complacent. I am definitely guilty of this and my life has become more mundane as a result. I have also become musically lazy and this saddens me. My creativity has been put on the back burner because of the enormous responsibility that is on my shoulders and as I get older it's hard to summon up the energy that is required to be creative. Somehow it seems less important and insignificant. Shit, Waters is 67 and there he is onstage running this gigantic machine that is practically flawless. That is impressive enough but what really gets me thinking and inspired is the amount of commitment he and Pink Floyd put into each of their records, especially The Wall. It is so thoughtful and complete, and the level of intensity and patience is mind numbingly fantastic. People just don't make records like that anymore.

I've been writing a lot of new music as of late. I just decided to let things flow and usually if I sit down with the guitar or a keyboard something decent will squeak it's way out. The trick is to turn those snippets into something cohesive and meaningful. I'm just glad I'm allowing myself the time to experiment and free associate again. Time is a MAJOR factor in all of this. I usually end up in the studio after midnight, dragging ass 'til about 2 or 3. Tough to do when your 3 year old is up everyday around 6! But I will continue and winter is coming to save my soul again. What I will do with all of this stuff is the question. I've been at this "Recording An Album" thing for quite a while with nothing to show for it. Patience, right? "Is there anybody out there???"

"Civil War" is heavily inspired by Mr. Waters... I did it a few years ago....

I buried you just yesterday, but you've been dead to me a long time
It didn't have to be this way...
You let your head get a hold on you, you let your ego shine your shoes,
And then you walked all over me, good bye, good bye