Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In the clouds

Headspace by rickdobbelaer

I'm checking out soundcloud.com, a new (to me) hosting site and figured I'd post some different stuff on there. This song, "Headspace" was done on a rainy night a while ago with only a 4 track, a guitar and a Digitech DSP128. The DSP 128 was my first delay/reverb rack unit and I really explored that thing extensively. Unfortunately it now sits on a shelf next to my broken Saldano pre-amp and an old Alesis compressor I don't use. Sadly, when I recorded this I wasn't too worried about hiss and distortion so there is plenty of it on the recording! It was done all live except for one edit that I did just now to clean up some really bad distortion. I'm going to post a few others and I would like to do more stuff like this.

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