Friday, July 13, 2012

And On We Go

Dave and I brushed off the dust last night and did a new song rehearsal, and it felt fantastic! We went over about 7 new tunes, just hashing out arrangements and how things should feel etc. All of the new songs reside in a similar neighborhood and should get along nicely with one another. We're going to add a bass player along the way but for now I just want to get these songs further along, out of their infancy and into the toddler stage. I'm going to start cranking up my bigger amps and electric guitars, staying away from any acoustic instruments. It's been too long since I made some real noise.... I went to the CBGB's festival last week and felt the power of rock and roll first hand @ Jesse Malin's Bowery Electric while watching the Waldos and The Bullys. I felt like a teenager again while bouncing off of sweaty strangers and feeling the warmth of the music coming off the stage. Great stuff. I even had a nice little chat with Mr. Malin himself who was playing with his old band DGenerartion the next night. I missed that whole scene when it was going down as I was hanging out with the hippies and jam bands across town at Wetlands at the time.... A lot of fun at these shows!