Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unspun Evolution

Here's a condensed version of the recording of Unspun's 'Gospel Fiction' done way back in 2001 at Eric Helmuth's loft/studio in Portchester, NY. We pretty much tracked the song in a day and went back and did another session for vocals. We were fortunate enough to rent some serious gear such as the Neve Melbourne sidecar and an old Neve compressor that certainly helped improve our sound. This session also produced the songs 'Start' 'Stop me turning Gray' 'Souvenir' 'Resume' 'Universe' and 'Photograph'. The latter three are on a hard drive somewhere, unfinished.

Gospel Fiction started out on my 8 track reel to reel like this:

From there the band shaped it into it's current state. Smith added some new lyrics to my melody. John Joyce's drumming on this was excellent and I remember being really excited with the pattern he developed. Christian Celaya's bass part was influenced heavily by Zeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" and when he and John locked up it was really powerful. This song was a lot heavier than most of Unspun's tunes and it elevated our live shows.

As you can see we had a lot of fun with this group of guys and I kind of miss that camaraderie that comes along with playing in a band. Studio hours are long and take their toll on everyone involved though. Nonetheless, Unspun achieved a lot in the 3 years we were together, culminating with the release of 'When it all comes down' on Universal Records.

(DISCLAIMER!!) During the process of condensing the video file size a TON of distortion was added to the mix so listen cautiously!