Friday, December 13, 2013

Flying South

Things have been quiet musically on the homestead and especially here on this page but they should be picking up soon. I have a few songs that I'm itching to record but the situation hasn't presented itself to make this a reality. It's time to take action and make this happen. Winter is my favorite time to record as I have a lot of time on my hands and my creative juices start flowing. For me it's an instinct, like birds flying south or salmon heading up river.... winter is time to record. There's something about being in a warm studio, creating something new, while it's snowy and freezing outside. It's the way my life has gone for the last 25 years. This video was done in the winter during the recording of Unspun's "One" record way back in 1999. The song is "As The Evening Flows" and as you can see we were recording to 2 inch tape. I had a little trouble nailing that guitar arpeggio but I finally got it. We had to try different things like changing the lighting to get me comfortable enough to get it right. I'm glad we did because I love that song... It's one of the first that John and I worked on for that record and the last song of the running order. It was recorded by Doug Oberkircher at his Little Bear Studios which was right next to BearTracks Studios. Great Days!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Demo's for new songs

Some new songs have been dripping out of me, slowly. It's not often that I have the time to sit quietly with a guitar or a keyboard and let my imagination run away. Usually when I do grab an instrument, something will come out and I will capture it roughly on my iPad...... but this time I decided to actually lay down a few tracks. Writing songs at this stage of my life is a funny thing. While I feel that I can write a decent song from time to time, I question WHY I should even bother? What's the purpose? What am I going to do with this song? Who's going to hear it? None of that should matter but it does. The other part of me, which I can't control, continues to flood my conscience with little ditties that I want to investigate... I almost feel guilty if I ignore them. I'm trying to collaborate with some musician friends of mine who I used to live and breath every musical idea with but as always, we are all older and life is busy. Everyone is settled firmly in their nest, including me. We'll see what happens. Until then, I'll always have the demos.... Here's a recent one: BTW, I upgraded my computer in a major way so I can now operate at a reasonable pace when recording. My old G4 served me well but while making "Tape and Glue" I literally was stuck in the stone age with that machine!