Sunday, March 1, 2009


Tough day yesterday. I had no patience for the kids and was stressed and uptight all day. I just have to step back, take a breath and let it all go.........
Mixing is driving me insane too. I'm making the mistake of comparing my stuff to other stuff when again, I just have to step back, get it sounding good to the best of my ability 
and let it be. I'm doing pretty well and everything sounds great but I'm striving to make it sound sonically perfect as possible and i just don't have the time or equipment to make it a reality. I wish I could take the music to a BearTracks-like room so I could hear a true sound representation of what is on tape. But, I'll make do and it will pass the audition. People are anticipating what Dave and I are doing in the studio. Facebook is an excellent networking site for music and it's getting more artist friendly.

Focusrite mixing desk at Beartracks studios

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