Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mixing malaise

I have the studio glaze on me right now. I've been working all day on and off mixing "Come away" trying to improve the mix. I sent Dave a few copies of the tunes and he got back to me with some constructive criticism saying that especially Come Away sounded a little compressed and/or boxy. Upon further scrutiny I agree. I'm having a hard time with this one as it was recorded (not so well) 6 years ago. It's a good song and worth the effort with some standout elements to it, I think anyway. 
"Beautiful" has set the new bottom end standard for all of my tunes as it has a rich Kick/bass combination. I'm having a second or 52nd look at all of the tunes I thought were close, trying to up the ante on the bottom end. Maddening. Here is the latest mix of Come Away.....

BTW, our rooster friend stopped by for a listen. He's quite a friendly guy! My family and I have adopted him and vice versa. He just appeared out of the woods one day and made his home under a big pricker bush on our property. Aside from the 5 am wake up calls it's kind of nice having him around. 

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  1. That rooster is fantastic! I think "come away" is awesome and could be a hit. I see you went with the drums. I remember you were contemplating keeping this one and "Beautiful" raw. Both the raw and drum renditions sound amazing. This one is great!!!! It builds very nicely.