Monday, May 11, 2009

The Carl Brooks Show!

Well, my old friend Carl Brooks came and did some stellar vocals on Beautiful. I was lucky enough to become part of the choir for the bridge section but other than that it's all Carl. He's supposed to come in for a few more sessions in the upcoming weeks. Carl brings a lot of natural musicality and is filled with great ideas. I told him I want to produce his record!! Here is a rough of the backing vox on Beautiful:

Also, I'm meeting with Erik Lawrence this week to go over some horn arrangements and sax solos for some of the tunes. Erik is a killer sax player and is currently playing with Levon Helm's band (yes, The Band's own) and his own band Hipmotism. I'm very lucky to have him on my record and I'm excited to take my music into totally uncharted waters. Erik's a super nice guy and I'm sure he will have a positive influence on this project in many ways. 

I've also revisited my song " I Got Myself in trouble"  which is an old one from the Last Tribe days. Dave and I had recorded it a few years back and I had a listen the other day and started working on it. I did a new mix and added some bass and now it's in the running for being on the record. So much more to do but at the moment I'm satisfied with the way the songs are lining up. 

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  1. Love "I got myself in trouble" I remember when it was called "you". It was one of my favorites because it was so pure. I may have the original recording RD did. Dave did a great drum piece on the revised track I heard years later. It would sound great with some extra electric guitar fillers.