Friday, August 21, 2009

My Biggest Fan

Definitely influenced by the Smiths!! I remember writing this one after a long night of drinking and seeing a show in NYC with my buddy Jeff. I had this in demo form for a while, complete with cheesy drum machine drums. Dave did a fantastic job (again) with his uncharacteristic little shuffle here. The guy should be known as 'Father Time".......... I really like the way the guitars all blend together with the Rhodes forming nice harmonies and clashes, and the bass line just walks along. I just added the bridge Piano last night and that helps break the monotony up a bit. The plucked guitar is coming through my old Roland JC120, a classic 80's alternative sound. I'm really psyched about this tune but as usual, no vox yet..... the lyrics are about 75% done. I have A LOT of singing to get done in the coming weeks. Here's the music rough of "My Biggest Fan"....... hope you like it.

This record is shaping up to be somewhat mellow...... I like mellow but could use a few more rockers. I know there are a few in my computer somewhere. Off to the beach for a week!!

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