Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Infusion Blues

Ah, Infusion Blues...... It brings me back to the days of pre-transplant when I was getting all kinds of chemicals pumped into my failing body by way of infusion. They had to kill off all of these antibodies that had developed as a result of this enormous pump (see XRAY above) in my gut that was doing the job of my heart at the time. I was getting chemo (cytoxin) and it made me feel like total crap. You just had to sit there and take the punishment and hope for a better day, hence the lyric "so pathetic but always hopeful, how long days are, out my window the sun keeps shining on......"

This was essentially a solo track except for Christian Celaya sharing the bass guitar duties with me. He laid down a track and after he left I re-did the 2nd verse and following chorus to make it a little more lyrical... The song is very dense musically, filled with a ton of effected textures like Mellotron Strings through a wah wah and verb, a backwards Casio keyboard playing Bach, electronic drum fills through panned echo etc. At the heart of the song though is a nice acoustic guitar part done in some strange open G tuning. Listening to the guitar tracks soloed you can actually here my heart pump chugging along, something I couldn't suppress if I wanted to! I also did a lot of harmony vocals on this and snagged a bit of "Over the Rainbow" from the Wizard of Oz, hope I don't get sued!! Influences on this? Beatles, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Oz (not the doctor) Columbia Presbyterian Hospital NYC!

Now to decide: do I have room on this record for this??


  1. Re: Infusion Blues - Did you play keys for the Mellotron Strings through a wah wah and verb, a backwards Casio keyboard playing Bach? what type of keys or was it a software synth package? I like the added wah...I love using wah as well...I dig the OZ ending...well done...your the man...Pablo - would love to play some keys with you one day Rick...

  2. Yes Yes, all of the above... Thanks Pablo!!