Friday, May 14, 2010


Been a while.... Dave, politely and in his own stealthy way started pestering me about finishing the record and he succeeded in getting me to at least finish a mix! "The Way We Are" (working title) started out as an odd little echoed Rhodes part played in 7/8 meter. From there I added very straight and basic drum patterns to help me with lyrics and phrasing. Dave came in and created a whole other vibe with a jungle rhythm at the top and an aggressive beat throughout. Erik Lawrence provided an amazing solo, bringing the song to new heights. During the session I asked him to channel his inner Wayne Shorter and I kind of hear it a little in the Steely Dan type bridge. (I don't think Steely Dan ever had a song in 7/8 tho....) I tried to get a few bassists to add their own 2 cents but to no avail, it just didn't work out. I find that it's very hard to motivate people of my generation to do anything, let alone practice and/or create something on their own time and then lug all their gear here for a recording session. Everyone leads such busy lives!! At times I kind of get tired of playing, recording, writing, mixing and engineering most things on this record. It's a (musically) lonely experience but it can be very challenging and rewarding as well. Not complaining, just telling it like it is. I hope the 7/8 thing isn't too quirky for most listeners....

This song was inspired by my beautiful family and it is a love song to them. My life is like a dream: reborn from set of serious circumstances into a domestic world of love and abundant life. I know it's a recurrent theme in my music but this is really my life on a daily basis. I'm a lucky man.


Here's the way we are right now:
She lays down upon my heart and then she says "You sound just like the storm outside our house tonight."
Listen to her laughing, look into her eyes
Listen to her laughing look into her smile
Let that light shine on you

And all he wants is my hand on his hand
so he knows deep inside he's my man, my little man
Listen to him laughing, look into his eyes
Listen to him laughing look into his smile
Let that light shine on you

And then there's you, you saved my life
and then there's you my lovely wife
and there's this love in our small house
and there's so much to shout about

And then there's me and all my faults
and all I want is you to love
All I want is you to love
Listen to us laughing, look into our eyes

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