Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet me half way

This was written by Ben Voss for his band Naked Statue, which also included Seth Delia and Jeff Spindel. I always loved this song so asked Ben if I could record it and take a few liberties. He agreed, so I wrote the bridge and solo section and here it is. Ben was a fan of The Meat Puppets and The Minutemen so I thought he would think it was too shiny and poppy, but he liked it and we spoke briefly of writing more together. This was recorded by Steve Regina at Nyack College and the vocals were recorded by Dave Schwartz in his home studio. The song was totally done on ADAT machines. We mixed it in Steve's living room on some JBL speakers and a crappy board. As always, Dave Ramie played drums. It was recorded to be on my Ballyhoo record but never made it on there....