Monday, March 10, 2014

Wetlands Preserve Book

On Facebook I follow the band The Authority, who were our (Last Tribe's) contemporaries back in the 90's. Our two band's were the prominent bands out of Rockland County, NY that were packing Wetland's Preserve down in NYC on a regular basis. The new hippie scene started there by Phish, Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors was just taking off and those bands were starting to play bigger venues while we were coming up and filling their shoes. Admittedly, the Authority was more tapped into that scene than we were as they were a funk band and we were more of a rock band. Some relatively unknown bands playing the venue at the same time as us were Dave Matthews, 311, The Wallflowers and Warren Haynes to name a few.

So I got the post mentioning a new book about Wetlands being done by deceased owner Larry Bloch's wife, Laura, on Kickstarter. I went to the site here and there was my band's name being featured on an old Wetland's Calendar front and center. It looks like Laura has met her goal of $17500 and the book will be published in June of this year. Great stuff, I look forward to the book and the many memories it will stir up for so many people. Over 2500 bands played that venue during it's 13 year run in lower Manhattan.

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