This is happening...

I've finally completed my next record/EP. There will be 8 songs on it which are (in no particular order): No Rest For The Weary, It's Alive, Everyone's Fool, There is A Hurt, I Believe In Love, Circles, Tears Are Screaming and Don't Worry. There is no album title yet but I have a few things rolling around in my head. All of the songs feature John Joyce on drums and myself on the guitars, bass, keys and vocals. Drums were recorded in March of 2015 at OK Records with the very talented Greg Talenfeld engineering. Everything else was recorded at home, VERY SLOWLY, mostly during all of those precious rainy days. It's a record about love and was certainly a labor of love for me. I hope you like it. All that is left to do is mastering and some type of distribution. I will do a very small run of CD's. Peace. Here is a snippet of the record....


  1. Love what I'm hearing.
    Credit cards out.
    Ready to order.


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