Dreamland 2

I've been home from Dreamland for about a month now and have been tracking guitars and keys from home on my old set up and it's going really, really well. The tracks we recorded up in the Catskills are high quality so I've had to up my game here at home.. hence the Shelford Channel by Rupert Neve Designs. I'm getting some big, beautiful guitar sounds out of some Shure 57's and a Beyer M160 on my Vox AC30 and an old Twin run through that Shelford Channel. We came out of Dreamland with basics for 15 tunes so I have a full plate of creative food to cook up. With Corona happening I have to pick my tracking times well between work, homework, passing trains etc. so if I get one thing done per day I'm happy. I have a lot of UAD amp simulators that are excellent that I could do at a lower volume, but nothing beats the sound of a mic on an amplifier! I will report back in a few weeks.... by that time I should be a bit further on. Here are some pics from our session up at Dreamland:


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