Demos/Unused Tracks #1

Over the years I've recorded a lot of music in my studio and others. I have a bunch of tracks that were demos, half finished songs, music only tracks, electronic stuff and some experimental tunes. Sometimes you do a demo and it never translates when you try to "properly" record it and you end up loving the demo.. A few of them are (to my ears anyway) pretty musical and worthy of a listen.... but they never found a home on one of my releases. Here are a few:

Long Way Down - A good one that got away. This one was done in-between "Interim" and "Tape and Glue"and features Dave Ramie playing a weird mix of electro/acoustic drums. At the time I had my friend Jeff's Gibson SG and it was giving me a killer, biting tone that inspired me to play the main riff of the song. The whole song was built around those couple of early bars.

Perfect Day - I wrote this with my niece, Shannon when she was about 11 years old. She came over for a holiday visit and was showing interest in music so we put a song together that came from her diary. This is not that version.... the version from that day was much more simple and kid-like. I realized later that it was a pretty good song and I decided to snaz it up a little. My goal was to think outside my box with the instrumentation and make it sound more electronic and dreamy.

Resumé - Written by Unspun towards the end of our run. We played this a few times live but never had the chance to really dig into this song. This was recorded in the same sessions as "Start" and "Stop Me Turning Grey" which we did finish and release in limited quantities. Eric Helmuth recorded this in his loft studio in Portchester, NY. We were lucky enough to rent some vintage gear, including a Neve sidecar mixer that arrived straight out of a Smashing Pumpkins session. No vocals on this as we never got around to it and a lot of this was recorded live to tape with a few overdubs.
Personnel: RD - guitars, John Smith -  guitars, Christian Celeya -  bass, John Joyce -  drums.

Reunion - This one is a few unfinished songs/parts in one. I had lyrics but never got around to singing them. It's pretty thick and there are a lot of sections and textures. It was definitely inspired by Pete Townsend and some of Radiohead's more rambling songs. To me it sounds a bit like prog rock. Those who know my stuff will hear a couple of familiar melodies. It was recorded at my house around the time of "Interim" with Dave Ramie on drums. I played everything else.


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