Sunday, February 15, 2009


Home on a Sunday morning. I just took Ian for a haircut, Casey tagged along as well. I'm afraid the music bug has sucked me in again, look out!! Dave is coming in to do a session this week and I have some gear coming from Dreamhire tomorrow. I'm renting the Focusrite Red 1 four channel mic pre as well as four channels of API 512c's in a lunch box. Both pre-amps are renown for their signal warming abilities. We'll see. I'm dying to buy some new gear like a DAV four channel mic pre but I don't have the bread. I'm trying to be smart about purchasing anything, letting common sense take over. I'm gonna make it a goal to get some primo gear this year like a DAV, Neve Portico, API or a Chandler TG. I wonder how much of a true sound difference this stuff will make in my hands? It's not like I'm going to become Geoff Emerick or George Martin because of the gear I have....

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